Introducing klaylife™, a sustainable and ethical brand who is changing the lighting industry, one clay bead at a time.

Unlike so many products that come off the factory line, klaylife™ has a human story. Their beautiful range of clay beaded lighting is lovingly created by a community of women in Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa.Drawing on African heritage and craftsmanship, each clay bead is hand rolled using raw clay. They are then sun dried, kiln fired and dip-dyed. This process is then followed by masterfully stringing the pieces onto unique iron frames. This hand made process ensures that no two pieces will ever be the same.Initially, the clay beaded pieces were crafted by local women whose lives had been impacted by HIV and so desperately needed an income to support their families. Over time, as popularity grew, more and more women with differing circumstances approached klaylife™ for work. As a result the criteria has been broadened to any local woman who is prepared to put in the effort to create something special. This is the main reason that FREY has decided to work with klaylife™ in selling their beautifully made pieces in our showroom. We find it very important to support those who are less fortunate, and klaylife™ is a company who works tirelessly to give their makers a better life.

If you are interested in purchasing one of their beautiful chandeliers. Feel free to call our showroom at 03 9855 9447 or email us at