Vintage Indian Himachal Box

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Our Himachali storage boxes are proof that form and function can beautifully align. These beautiful boxes, and their engravings, were unique to the home and family to which they belonged. They’re found in the northern Indian state of Himachal Pradesh, a neighbour to the Himalayan mountain range. Intoxicating incense smoke would drift amongst the scattered Tibetan temples and Buddhist monasteries and float through the windows of traditional Himachali homes. It is certainly a place with a magical undercurrent, a magic that we believe has been infused into this beautiful piece. Crafted from teak, exquisitely engraved, and painted in a moody shade of black, this particular piece is over 70 years old and was once used to store grain and keep it safe and dry from the freezing temperatures. It has its original hardware intact and a beautiful symmetrical floral motif hand carved into its centre.

Material: Teak, Handmade


Dimensions: H72 x D36 x L88 cm