A Night with Lumira

Late last week we had the pleasure of hosting beautiful guest of honour Almira Armstrong of LUMIRA for an in-store night of canapés and champagne to celebrate of our journey of working together. Forever inspired by the scents of LUMIRA, we are proud to have recently included her ‘Collezione Bianca’ range as well as her new Lumira Perfume Oils to our growing collection of Lumira Products in store at Home By Tribal.

In addition to having enjoyed a balmy summers evening in the company of other like-minded creatives, we were delighted to be featured in the ‘Melbourne Events’ section of Fabulous-Femme.com where talented blogger and photographer Souri Sengdara very kindly wrote the following;

“It all starts outside with the gorgeous wall art of an African child. Walking into Home By Tribal immediately stimulates your senses and transports you to different parts of the world. You feel like you’re in a marketplace somewhere exotic. There’s so much to look at, with each piece having been selected because of it’s uniqueness. This is where you can go to select a few pieces to add a little luxury to your home, or go all out and create an oasis where you bring the world to you. Home By Tribal has everything you need to create a space which oozes a sophisticated Bohemian vibe.

You may also want to add some Australian luxury to your home by selecting products from Lumira. These carefully crafted candles in glass jars are infused with fragrances which will trigger your senses and create a relaxing ambience wherever they are lit. There’s a fragrance to suit different moods and different times of the day.”

Read the full article here. 

We at Home By Tribal would like to thank everyone that came and enjoyed the beautiful summers evening that it was in our little courtyard with us. We hope you’ve enjoyed the treats in your goodie bags and hope to be seeing more of you all in future.

Shop our range of LUMIRA candles here.