Original Dina Broadhurst digital art prints available in Melbourne

Dina Broadhurst’s signature style is often described as ‘Helmut Newton meets Kim Kardashian’. Her skill for perfectly mixing media with digital artwork is ingenious, resulting in beautifully sensual and feminine pieces – most of which make either subtle or not-so-subtle references to women, beauty and consumer culture.

Dina Broadhurst playfully explores themes of sexuality, desire, fantasy, and escapism. Her lifelong influence from the worlds of fashion, advertising, art and design clearly play an integral role in her wonderfully unique photography and artwork.

Dina’s journey through the battleground of being a woman, both emotionally and physically, is depicted in her work. It is precisely this journey of age, motherhood and the changing female landscape that continues to influence Dina Broadhurst’s narrative; resulting in carefully composed collages that are captivating, seductive and abundant with beauty.

Discover Dina Broadhurst’s latest collection of photography, digital art and mixed media collage at Frey.    


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