Douglas and Douglas

With a large extent of our inspiration coming from Africa, the team at Frey truly appreciate the fusion of cultural influences integrated into contemporary clean lines and cutting edge trends within interior and exterior spaces.

So with this in mind, it’s fair to say that stumbling upon the work of South African based design team Douglas and Douglas, we were in for a true feast for the eyes! One of our favourite projects of theirs in Palm Springs, South Africa, has seamlessly merged the indoor and outdoor spaces, beautifully highlighting the flow of life in warmer climates, and accentuated further by a rich textural palette throughout.

When interviewed about the project, Wendy Lee Douglas states; “We initially started working with these lovely clients on the revamp of their kitchen space which lead to the full décor makeover of the main bedroom and patio space too. This home is a mix of glamour with a paired down tropical plantations feel. The new kitchens simplistic lines are given an injection of industrial glamour with the custom bevelled bronze mirror sliding doors adding a magical depth to the space. Introducing a new folding stacking window to the kitchen space not only creates additional light to the space but allows for an uninterrupted flow of inside outside. The new pattern floor tiles to the patio add a great graphic element as well as the black furniture pieces.” – Wendy Lee Douglas, FOUNDER.

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