Frey's Guide to Faux Flowers and Plants

We all know flowers can instantly transform a room, but they also require a lot of time and maintenance to keep them looking wonderful. Frey has a curated collection of faux flowers and plants, collecting only the best examples for our range. 

In our latest post, we explore the many reasons why so many of our customers are enjoying using faux flowers for their beach houses and those places where the real variety aren't always possible.

  • They make wonderful gifts and a small hand tied bunch of faux stems or a potted plant is perfect.
  • They are incredibly realistic.
  • Completely maintenance free and perfect if you travel a lot or have a beach house.
  • They last forever!
  • Our individual stems give you the freedom to create arrangements you will love and if you want to keep it seasonal, it is easy to swap the stems in and out as the season's change.
  • To create a more dramatic effect, a single stemmed orchid in a simple clear vase can be so elegant and effective.
  • If you're arranging stems in a glass vase, add some water and people won't know if they're looking at the real thing or not!
  • At Frey, we base all our flower stems and trees on real garden plants so you can choose your favourites and enjoy them all year round.

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