From Tanzania with Love

We’ve had a wonderful week here at Home By Tribal HQ, and were delighted to receive some special news that is sending us into the weekend with a smile….

Back in December we held an in-store Christmas shopping evening of champagne and cupcakes, where 20% of the proceeds on the night was donated to The Ujamaa Children’s Home, a foundation in Tanzania that raises children in a family environment, largely supported by sponsors and donors. Last week we were delighted to hear that the money we raised was able to be put towards a brand new school bus for the Ujamaa children.

They sent us the following:

“A bus for our family!
We are so excited to announce that we have our own bus to take our children to and from school each day. This is a wonderful new development for our home and simplifies many aspects of our lives. The first benefit is that the kids spend half the time on the bus to and from school each day because they don’t have to drop others off along the way. This means they have extra time to prepare in the morning and they are home earlier for homework and some extra playtime before dinner!
It also means that our staff can use the bus for going to the markets (no more taxis!) and when we need to take the children to the clinic or an outing, we have transport ready to go.

Having a bus for our organisation has been a dream of ours for a long time. Pubic transport can be dangerous and very unreliable, not to mention with so many kids it gets to be very expensive! Our own bus gives us more freedom to do things with the children as well as the security of knowing that if we need transport quickly it’s ready and waiting for us.”

We would like to thank all of our gorgeous customers who came and supported the night back at Christmas time. Knowing we can help make even small positive changes to the lives of these beautiful children through work we love is something we are very passionate about.

Happy Weekend…. X