Giovanna Aryafara and OMO Child Ethiopia

One of Frey’s favourite friends is Giovanna Aryafara, the talented photographer whose breathtaking imagery captures people in their natural environment and tells their story without words. Giovanna’s love of photography started 40 years ago but another, more recent passion of hers is the Omo Child Ethiopia Charity.

Omo Child Ethiopia is a purpose driven, not for-profit organisation, whose sole intention is to bring forth a change in the lives of the children of Southwest Ethiopia. These children come from tribes which believe and follow an ancient tradition of Mingi – a superstition and the ritualistic killing of infants who are thought to be cursed.

The organisation’s heartfelt founder Lale Labuko, was born into an Ethiopian tribe and one of the first of his tribe to receive a formal education. After understanding that his two sisters before him, had lost their lives to this tradition, along many other sufferers, he made it his mission to make complete paradigm shifts, by being the example and pushing to end this outdated tribal practice.

Omo’s mission is to provide Mingi children with a safe and nurturing place to call home and offer quality education to end the continuation of these teachings. As a result, they are optimistic that these children will become the future leaders in their tribes and communities and be the example of a better world view, a better life and end suffering.

Of every print sold by Giovanna, 10% of the profit is donated directly to Omo Child Charity.  To date the work of Omo Child has already been able to save 50 children from Mingi. At Frey, we feel privileged to work with Giovanna and are excited to stock her work exclusively.

Each beautiful limited-edition print is custom printed on heavy weight archival paper and comes complete with a Certificate of Authenticity.

You can see Giovanna’s work on display at Frey, 54 Church St Hawthorn.

‘Raphael’ by Giovanna Aryafara

‘Freya’ by Giovanna Aryafara