New Kid on the Block

Most of you by now will have seen the beautiful Mario Gerth artwork we proudly stock here in store, and the wall mural we had done of one of our long time favourite pieces, Gani, from the Karo tribe of Ethiopia.

The beautiful ‘boy with the green fruit on his head’ caught the attention of many, and was forever adored by people driving past on their daily commutes. Now, as we say goodbye to one member of the Karo tribe and welcome another onto the facade of the building, we would like to leave you with this excerpt from the musings of photographer Mario Gerth in regards to Gani…

‘ And the father of the little boy said:

“The savannah of Africa – it is the garden of heaven. Our graden of Eden. He has sold everything superfluous of human life as to create a place where peace walks without fear, where time dawdles, where time and space can develop freely.”

Then the father and child turned away, climbed the donkeys and disappeared into the swirling heat of the African Savannah, never to be seen again.’ – Mario Gerth.

In light of our recent re-brand, we thought what better way to celebrate our fresh new look than with fresh new artwork! We welcome BUNI, the Karo boy adorned with pick and yellow flowers, who comes to us with the message “We are all one family”. We hope you love him just as much as we do..