Safari Through India

A luxurious look into a holiday & “glamping” style we can only dream of.

Welcome to the Aman-i-Khás with Ranthambore National Park, India as your backdrop.

“A Mughal-style tented camp, Aman-i-Khás is located in a rugged brushwood forest on the edge of Ranthambore National Park. Home to tigers, crocodiles, leopards, jackals, sambar deer and some 300 species of bird, the park is also the setting for Ranthambore Fort, one of India’s oldest, and is near Khandar Fort, perhaps the country’s most dramatic. Camel safaris through villages on the parks outskirts are available, as are bird-watching treks in the lush Banas riverbed” (Aman Hotel) 

The tent interiors are simply stunning..

Aman-i-Khás Hotel, India