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We were beyond thrilled be featured in Herald Sun Home magazine’s Shop Talk recently. Read the full interview below.



What’s the story behind your business?

It began more than two years ago, when I was sourcing a small range of products for friends and clients on my travels to Indonesia. I had a chance meeting with the owner of Melbourne-based creative agency Yoke, which saw it launch into an internet-based business. From there, it grew organically. Because many of our products are textural, I recognised the need for customers to touch and feel these pieces, so opened the retail space late last year. The response to the bricks-and-mortar store has been overwhelming. Interestingly, now only about 10 per cent of our products are from Indonesia. The majority come from different parts of Africa, India and Europe. My sister, Chloe Burgess, recently came on board after returning from a stint living in London. She also shares a love for interiors, but has a corporate background, so we find our skills compliment each other.


How would you describe Home by Tribal’s aesthetic?

A sophisticated bohemian vibe, which brings together a broad range of cultures and creativity. We want our customers to be inspired by what they see our world has to offer.


What makes the pieces you source special?

The majority are natural, handmade products by traditional artisans. I feel the products have longevity, not only in material, but also in style. The products are unique and our aim is to keep delving deeper to find more exotic treasures from faraway places.


What inspires you in the world of design?

Anything handcrafted, using materials from the Earth, inspires me. Any object that tells a story: that is exotic and eclectic.


What interiors trends are big at the moment?

Marble accessories, which we believe can add a luxe feel to any home and beautifully compliment our more natural products. We have also noticed a shift away from copper to brass.


Your favourite piece?

I’m lusting over some oversized chapati bowls that have just arrived from Rajasthan, India. The detail is incredible. I’ve never seen anything quite like them.


Your favourite trick for a quick décor update?

Mirrors give an instant lift to a room. They are a simple piece to help adjust light, create a sense of space and add elegance.


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