Tippi of Africa

Bringing to life the most magical of childhood dreams… of adventures beyond the bucket list, these images of Tippi Degre capture an extraordinary bond between a little girl and the animals of Southern Africa.

Born to wildlife photographer parents Sylvie Robert and Alain Degre, Tippi spent her childhood befriending both the tribes people and the gentle giants of Namibia. Walking alongside ‘Abu’ the elephant, nestling in on top of a female ostrich and giving cuddles to squeaking meerkats are but a few of the incredible experiences this little girl has had growing up in Africa… a place very close to our hearts at Home By Tribal.

These images have all been captured by Tippi’s mother, Sylvie, who speaks volumes when saying that ‘She had so much freedom. It was like having the biggest playground…but she always woke up with the sun shining and her parents around her. She was very lucky.’

A childhood to remember, Tippi, you are an inspiration to us all and a beautiful reminder of what it looks like to live in harmony with nature… X

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