Gift Registry FAQ

To help you get organised before you begin planning your registry wish list, we’ve put together a few helpful tips to get you started.

Should I start my registry in store or online?

We recommend making an initial appointment in store.  This will allow us to show you how to use the registry and also for you to select items to add to it. Our staff are happy to set up your registry for you and then email you your login details. You can then manage items from your registry at any time.

When should I create my registry?

If your registry is for a wedding we suggest that you have your registry selections up and running before your invitations are sent out.  The beauty of a registry at Frey is that you can add to your registry at your convenience at any time. Our staff are always available to guide you through the process at any time should you need.

 Is everything in your store also on your site?

Not everything in the store is available on our website, so we recommend visiting the store when creating your registry, we can always have that item added to your registry especially for you.

 If an item is out of stock can I add it to my registry?

As we specialise in limited edition pieces our inventory is always changing - things that are in stock today may be out tomorrow and vice versa. We try to prioritise all of our registries but if your special event is coming up and you want to make sure a certain item is available for you, please let us know and we will pop it aside for you.

 Will my friends and family be charged shipping?

We can set your registry for in-store pickup and your friends and family won’t be charged for shipping. After your special day is complete we will have all the items wrapped and ready for you for collection.  We can organise delivery should you wish.