Cindy Morton - Bush Plum Dreaming (Pink)

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Cindy Morton is originally from Utopia, but now resides in Alice Springs, Australia.  She comes from a family of talented artists; her mother is the well-known artist Gracie Pwerle Morton and her great-aunt is Gloria Petyarre.


Cindy has developed her art alongside her mother and family, although found her own unique style using a myriad of fine, layered dots depicting the Bush Plum Dreaming that is an important Dreaming in her country.  Her paintings have great depth, movement and texture.  The fine dots capture the bush plum in various stages of ripeness and the white lines that lie on top are indicative of the cracked desert earth upon which they grow.


Frey places ethics at the the forefront and empower artists to decide how they want to work. All artists we collaborate with work from a welcoming and fair studio to paint in gallery in Alice Springs, Northern Territory ensuring quality and authenticity. The gallery is a member of the Aboriginal Art Association of Australia, an organisation promoting ethical and best industry practices.



90 x 90 cm 


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